We empower teen girls and the women who lead them by strengthening their hearts, minds and bodies

Healthy Body


Strong Spirit

Empowering Teen Girls and Equipping Moms to be strong and healthy in heart, mind and body

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 Your guide to…

Authentic Hearts ~ Positive Minds ~ Strong Bodies

Our girls deserve Better…

they need health heros and role models


The lies we (women + teens) believe:

  • I am not enough

  • Perfection is the goal

  • Comparison culture

The truth we need:

  • We are enough

  • Moms and women are health hero’s

  • Show up and shine just as we are

How we are changing culture’s negative message…

  • We have empowered 1000’s of teen girls, Moms, teachers, coaches, and leaders by strengthening their heart, mind and body.

  • We provide an authentic health coaching curriculum created by a Mom of 4, former teacher, athletic coach and trainer, Functional Medicine Health Coach and friend.

  • Through our guide and partnering with influential Moms, leaders, coaches and teachers, girls begin to show up just as they are. Women become health hero’s in their own life and the lives of their girls.

At Inside-Out Strong, we say…

You Are Loved
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Teens need strong Moms + mentors who love big…

Teen girls want to be led by strong Moms and women who love them just as they are, but also Moms and women who love themselves just as they are. We help Moms become the health hero and role model our girls need.

You Are Worthy
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We see a teen girls worth, but they need to see their own…

We are raising teen girls ourselves and we know that in order to grow confident and strong girls it requires an intentional plan that empowers them and helps them see their worth, to show up and shine.

You Belong

Our window of opportunity to influence a teen is small…. 

The teen years are short (it can feel like an eternity…right?) There is a small window of opportunity for Moms and other leaders to impact our teen girls. Let’s lead them well and show them they belong.

you can join us

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# 1

Live Workshops

We provide a 3 hr. workshops to connect Mothers + Daughters. During this event we teach 3 workouts (HIIT, Yoga, Zumba) to strengthen the body and teach 3 work-ins (body image, mindset, identity) to strengthen the heart and mind.


# 2

Local Small Groups

We partner with women leaders (coaches, teachers, youth, troops) or Moms of teen girls to start up a local Inside-Out Strong fellowship. This is where a small group of 5-10 girls in your area meet 1x a week for 10 weeks to work through our health curriculum doing our work-ins and workouts.


# 3

Online E-Course

We provide online courses for those who like to journey at their own pace in their own space. Our 10 week health curriculum is available to download and stream the mentoring videos. We have adventures for teen girls, athletes, women and Mother + Daughter (Strong Together). You will gain immediate access to our online e-course when you register.