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Workshop Details

WakeMed Hospital Sponsored Event


  • Raleigh Children’s Hospital Campus

  • Limited spaces

  • $10 reservation fee

  • Local athletes serving as mentors

  • Swag bag & giveaways

  • Complimentary yoga mat

  • Health connection with your daughter and the community

  • Lifetime of memories and time spent with just you and your girl.

Hear what they have to say…

It may be the first time I have heard my daughter tell me how she feels about herself.
— Workshop Mom from NC
The most impactful thing at the workshop was really learning who I am, spending time with my Mom and telling her I love her.
— workshop girl from NC

I learned not to be ashamed about my body and to embrace the beautiful way it was created.
— workshop girl from NC
The most impactful thing about today was seeing how my view of myself effects my daughter’s view of herself.
— Workshop Mom from NC