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Empowering teen girls and equipping women through our F.I.T. guides —

strengthening hearts, minds and bodies

Journey Together


Journey with your teen girl to connect in heart, mind and body


For Mothers + Daughters

2 courses in 1

This adventure was created to connect Mothers and Daughters and grow them closer inside and out. Our hope is to open up and facilitate discussion surrounding topics that all teen girls (and us women still) struggle with and need guidance in. Topics such as; Mindset, Body Image, Identity, Friendships, Nutrition, Values.

We also provide 12 workouts to strengthen the body. Workouts that can be done with each other!…allowing you to be a health hero in your girls life. We have 10 bodyweight HIIT (high-intensity interval training) style workouts, 2 yoga flows and 1 basic fundamentals guide.

We believe our guides will bring opportunities to share, be transparent and vulnerable with each other…growing that bond and special relationship.

See more about our adventures and what topics, workouts and work-ins are covered.

I’ve learned techniques for not only strengthening my body, but tending to my mind, thoughts and managing stress.
— Maddi R.

Solo Journey

For Teen Girls

For those who like to go at their own pace

For Teen Girls

Ages 12+

Are you a mom of a teen girl and searching for ways to cultivate confidence and self-worth within them? Are you looking for support and a guide? If you know they have more inside of them and desire to see them show up and shine, use our plan as we guide them in the right direction.

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For Teen Girl Athletes

Ages 12+

Does your teen girl love sports and desires to be a leader among her teammates? Are you searching for a mentor that will share life lessons through sports? We have a plan for making them successful on and off the court or field and influential mentor testimonials to lead them.

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Lead a Group

Empowering the group of girls you already lead. Use our plan to help them show up and shine.

A guide to support any leader of a team, troop, youth group or club

Leaders Guide

for Small Group Leaders


A variety of packages offered for Leaders who are leading small groups/teams for 5+ teen girls